Актуализацията на Halo MCC причинява проблеми на PC и Xbox One, Dev иска феновете да бъдат търпеливи

343 Industries моли феновете да спрат да крещят към Microsoft и да бъдат по-търпеливи, докато студиото работи с проблемите.

Дори преди голямата актуализация на Halo: The Master Chief Collection, публикувана тази седмица и пускането на Halo 2 Anniversary на PC, разработчикът 343 Industries предупреди, че с изданието ще има много бъгове . Сега, когато играта е пусната, играчите откриха още повече проблеми на PC и Xbox One.

343 Industries вече са отговорили. Директорът на общността Брайън Джарард помоли феновете да бъдат търпеливи и да поддържат добрия тон в дискусията, докато студиото работи чрез решения за проблемите на PC и Xbox One ( които също получиха актуализация, която въведе нови грешки ). „Да крещиш или да обиждаш членовете на нашия екип няма да помогне. Хората работят усилено при извънредни трудни обстоятелства“, каза Джарад , споменавайки как 343 екипа работят от дома.

„Не искаме някой да има лош опит или да срещне проблеми, но някои от нещата, които чуваме, е трудно да се определят / ще отнеме известно време“, добави Джарард. „За да осигурим най-доброто преживяване, което могат, и те се ангажират да продължат да работят за решаване на възникнали проблеми. Благодаря за вашата подкрепа и на тези, които предоставят полезни подробности и издават доклади. И на всички, които се радват на играта и нямат проблеми – GLHF! „

Halo: Известни проблеми на MCC (13 май)


  • On Xbox in Co-op multiplayer, the HUD will become off-centered when zooming in
  • Terminal videos default to English only
  • In-game audio plays while viewing terminal videos
  • Subtitles are not present in campaign gameplay
  • Subtitles are out of sync with audio when viewing cutscenes
  • Users on AMD hardware may encounter missing and/or flickering textures across campaign (such as the Elevator on Oracle)
  • Oracle in has several graphical issues including around glass flood tanks, clouds, and lightning effects
  • Cinematic audio for in Halo 2 and Halo 2: Anniversary is affected by the different audio option
  • Enemy Elites do not dual wield in the Campaign
  • Campaign cutscenes are much louder than gameplay
  • Some Campaign missions have FPS drops on the first launch of the mission
  • When having multiple audio devices and swapping between classic and remastered graphics in cutscenes, audio can change output devices
  • When using a Ryzen 5 and AMD GPU, large rectangle volumes appear on the mission Oracle
  • Blur Cinematics and Terminal videos can have visual issues in non-16:9 aspect ratios as they were rendered at 16:9
  • Gunfire sounds are missing from multiple weapons with the Scarab Skull active
  • With the Scarab Gun skull active, a hardlock can happen when firing a plasma rifle after swapping weapons with an Elite
  • Sentinel lights will display for a short time after death before disappearing
  • Some environmental textures appear in lower than expected resolutions
  • Music will loop incorrectly on Metropolis while in the Scorpion tank
  • Using Nvidia GPUs on Classic graphics, various foliage environment LOD textures are missing
  • Gravemind on co-op has hitches and with poor network conditions disconnects can happen
  • When swapping between Classic and Remastered graphics music will change to different parts of the track

Halo 2: Anniversary

  • Pixilation on shadows can be seen in Anniversary graphics
  • Forge map lighting is not appearing correctly
  • Performance lowers during games of 3 plots
  • Texture resolution is displaying in low quality through various parts of the title
  • When looking at the fan on Stonetown, FPS sometimes drops to 45
  • Audio is missing when reloading weapons when done quickly
  • Primary weapon audio decreases if you are shooting while picking up a secondary weapon
  • Decals on the Gauss Warthog turret will detach from the model during the firing animation
  • When using newer Intel drivers with onboard graphics, you cannot launch
  • Performance in theater films is capped at 60 fps when framerate is set to unlimited
  • There are no inversion options in the Settings Menu for dual-wielding
  • Lighting is inconsistent between Elite and Spartan armors
  • There is visible stuttering on objects when strafing with Unlimited Framerate enabled
  • Sound effects do not play for the player holding the oddball when playing Hot Potato
  • The Hoplite armor is missing a rear armor piece in gameplay

Halo 2

  • When using voice chat there is no notification that players are talking
  • The music mixing is much quieter in MCC compared to the original
  • Team Spawn system does not have parity with original
  • Bullet registration is not in parity with the original
  • The respawn timer is hidden by the territory capture meter in multiplayer
  • Gamma values are excessively blown out compared to legacy
  • Super bouncing does not mirror legacy
  • Snow VFX do not match legacy behavior on snow weather missions and maps
  • The sun is not rendering on most maps and missions
  • When playing at higher field of view, textures will appear to pop in more frequently as the LOD distance is shortened
  • Banshees turn faster when using Mouse and Keyboard